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    I improved the formatting on the following pages:

    Creation Table: Genesis 1

    Noah’s Ark, Calendar of the Great Flood, Timeline of the Great Flood

    The Journeys of the Patriarchs

    Genealogy Of The Patriarchs

    Timeline Of Moses’s Life, The 10 Plagues that God sent to Egypt by the hand of Moses, 23 Miracles Associated with Moses (Excluding the 10 Plagues of Egypt)

    The Ten Commandments

    The Plan Of The Tabernacle

    Table of Generic Offerings

    Clean And Unclean Animals

    Numbers Of Israel, Numbers of Levi

    The Form Of Blessing The Congregation

    Offerings For The Dedication Of The Altar

    The 12 Spies of Israel

    Offerings of the Calendar

    Offerings From The Spoil Of Midian

    The Cities Built By Gad And Reuben

    Table Of The Journeys Of Israel

    The Journeys Of Israel

    The Land Of Canaan As Divided Between The Tribes

    Which Animals Are Clean


    Kings Of Israel And Judah

    People Who Exercised Judgment

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