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    The divine, the miraculous, and man’s truest nature can be revealed by a simple, literal interpretation of the texts from deepest antiquity.

    All major religions agree on one point.  Once upon a time, life was supernatural.  Not constantly, and not for everyone, but enough to remark about.  Now, life is mundane for everyone.  The difference between the ancients and ourselves is that they had belief, while we lack it.

    Gods are everywhere, but we are not accustomed to seeing them.  If we assume that they exist, it follows that the ancients had a much richer experience of the gods and their presence than we do.  The fact that we don’t believe or experience as they did does not make us smarter or more advanced than they.

    The ancients did not seek out the miraculous.  They simply believed in gods, and lived their lives in such a way that the divine and the miraculous could appear to them.  They were naturally more open to this type of experience.  The farther back in time we look, the more open they were, and the more connected they were to the divine source.

    Our natures haven’t changed, but we have distanced ourselves from the old ways.  Believing ourselves better, we have forsaken our truest, most primitive selves.  The ancient texts reveal a path to the discovery of our true selves.