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    The words of the deities are primary authority.  The words of their friends and confidantes are informative.  The words of all others are at best, literature.

    In the Christian religion, there are three deities: יהוה the father, יהושע the son, and the holy spirit.  Their exact relationship can be argued until daylight, but here we’ll simply assume that any words spoken by any of them constitute divine authority– binding law.

    The patriarchs, Moses, and a few others knew יהוה and spoke with him directly.  The disciples knew יהושע.  Some knew the holy spirit.  As the first degree of separation, their insights inform us about the character and nature of the gods, and the interpretation of the law.  But their words are not binding legal authority.

    The words of those separated by more than one degree from the deities tell us nothing about the character of the deities or about the law. But they can teach us about existing social customs and structure.  They provide us with historical context.