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  • Mission And Goals

    To develop a comprehensive information resource for ancient societies, laws, and experiences.

    To develop an internet community for discussion of these ancient laws and their implementation.

    The immediate goal is to add something of value to this website on a weekly basis.  This will take the form of blog entries, new pages, new tables or graphics, or improvements to existing elements.  Sometimes, it will be a formatting improvement.

    The focus is on Biblical law and text, but I aim to add laws and text from all societies of antiquity, beginning with the oldest.  I assume they wrote from experience, and I don’t question their experience.  I analyze how their experience correlates with that of Biblical society.  Note that when יהוה told the Hebrews to have nothing to do with the gods or customs of their neighbors, he never said their neighbors were insane, or that their spiritual experience was not based in reality.  On the contrary.  Their experiences with their gods were as valid as the experience of the Hebrews.  It was the social injustices of their gods that יהוה objected to.

    The other goal is to maintain a chatroom and forum for people to meet and develop these ideas.  I won’t have time to moderate these.  Use them at your own risk and apply the same rules you would to face-to-face interactions, with the added precautions made necessary by internet anonymity.