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    A return to the ancient relationships among humans and the divine, through a return to the ancient laws and social order.

    To acknowledge what we are and what we have always been, to connect with our most primal selves and the divine, we must come full circle.  There are two possible approaches to human society.  We can deny ourselves to maintain a certain order.  Or we can accept ourselves, and build a social structure that both honors what we are, and protects us from the pitfalls inherent in our natures.

    In trying to be what we are not, we limit our ability to impact the world and humanity.  The energy we spend trying to negate ourselves can be better spent.  If we accept our primal selves and build society around that, our natural state of being becomes an asset instead of a liability.

    The ancient laws are formulated on the assumption of primitive human nature.  They bring us face to face with ourselves.  In the process, they also establish our relationship with the divine source.  This return to primal nature is therefore not a step backward, but forward.