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    Deuteronomy 1 Moses’ speech of the 40th year; he rehearses God’s promises, and his anger for their disobedience
    Deuteronomy 2 The story continues; Israel is not to meddle with Edom, Moab, or Ammon, but is to subdue Sihon the Amorite
    Deuteronomy 3 Conquest of Og king of Bashan; Moses exhorts Joshua; Moses’ prayer to enter the land; he is allowed to see it
    Deuteronomy 4 An exhortation to obedience; Moses appoints 3 cities of refuge
    Deuteronomy 5 The covenant in Horeb remembered; the 10 commandments
    Deuteronomy 6 Exhortations to obedience; commandment to instruct their children
    Deuteronomy 7 Communion with the nations forbidden for fear of idolatry and for the holiness of the people; images to be destroyed
    Deuteronomy 8 Exhortations to obedience; the evil of worshipping other gods
    Deuteronomy 9 Moses rehearses Israel’s several rebellions, and his prayer for them
    Deuteronomy 10 God’s mercy in restoring the tables, continuing the priesthood, separating the Levites, and hearkening to Moses
    Deuteronomy 11 Exhortations to obedience; a blessing and a curse
    Deuteronomy 12 Monuments of idolatry to be destroyed; blood forbidden; holy things to be eaten in the holy place
    Deuteronomy 13 Enticers to idolatry to be stoned to death; idolatrous cities not to be spared
    Deuteronomy 14 God’s children not to disfigure themselve in mourning; of meats clean and unclean; tithes
    Deuteronomy 15 The year of release; firstling males of cattle to be sanctified unto the Lord
    Deuteronomy 16 Feast of Passover, of weeks, of tabernacles; of judges and justice; groves and images forbidden
    Deuteronomy 17 Idolaters to be slain; priests and judges determine controversies; election and duty of a king
    Deuteronomy 18 The Lord is the Levites’ inheritance; abominations of the nations to be avoided; Christ the prophet to be heard
    Deuteronomy 19 Cities of refuge; landmarks not to be removed; 2 witnesses required; punishment of a false witness
    Deuteronomy 20 The priest’s exhortation to encourage the people to battle; of the cities that accept or refuse peace; what cities must be devoted
    Deuteronomy 21 The expiation of uncertain murder; firstborn not to be disinherited upon private affection; a stubborn son to be stoned
    Deuteronomy 22 Humanity toward brethren; confusion to be avoided; adultery to be punished with death; of fornication
    Deuteronomy 23 Who may and may not enter the congregation; uncleanness to be avoided; of the fugitive
    Deuteronomy 24 Of divorce; of pledges; of menstealers; of leprosy; a servant’s hire; of justice; of charity
    Deuteronomy 25 No more than 40 stripes; the ox not to be muzzled; of the immodest woman; of unjust weights
    Deuteronomy 26 The confession of firstfruits; the 3rd year’s tithes; God’s covenant
    Deuteronomy 27 The people are to write the law upon stones, and build an altar of whole stones; the tribes divided on Gerizim and Ebal
    Deuteronomy 28 Blessings for obedience; curses for disobedience
    Deuteronomy 29 Exhortations to obedience; the great wrath on him that flattereth himself in his wickedness
    Deuteronomy 30 Mercies for the penitent; the commandment is manifest; life and death are set before the Israelites
    Deuteronomy 31 Moses encourages the people and Joshua; he delivers the law to the priests, to read to the people; Joshua is charged
    Deuteronomy 32 Moses’ song; God sends him up to Mt. Nebo to see the land, and die
    Deuteronomy 33 The majesty of God; blessings of the 12 tribes; the excellency of Israel
    Deuteronomy 34 Moses views the land from Mt. Nebo, dies, and is buried; he is mourned for 30 days; Joshua succeeds him

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