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    Exodus 1 The children of Israel multiply in Egypt; they are enslaved in bondage.
    Exodus 2 Moses is born, and grows to be a man. Timeline
    Exodus 3 God speaks to Moses from the burning bush; he sends Moses to deliver Israel.
    Exodus 4 Moses receives signs to persuade Israel. Moses delivers the message to Pharaoh. Aaron joins Moses.
    Exodus 5 Pharaoh increases the Israelites’ labor; he takes away their straw.
    Exodus 6 God renews his promises; the genealogies of Reuben, Simeon, and Levi.
    Exodus 7 Moses turns his rod into a serpent; he turns the river into blood.
    Exodus 8 Plagues of frogs, lice, and flies afflict Egypt.
    Exodus 9 More plagues: murrain of beasts, boils and blains, and hail fall upon Egypt.
    Exodus 10 Plagues of locusts and darkness afflict Egypt.
    Exodus 11 God’s message to the Israelites to borrow jewels of their neighbors; the final plague threatened.
    Exodus 12 The first Passover; the firstborn of the Egyptians are slain; the Israelites are driven out.
    Exodus 13 The firstborn of man and beast are sanctified in Israel; God guides them by a pillar of cloud and of fire.
    Exodus 14 The Egyptians pursue Israel, and are drowned in the Red Sea.
    Exodus 15 Moses’ song; the people want water; the bitter waters at Marah; they journey to Elim.
    Exodus 16 The Israelites journey to Sin; they receive quails and manna, but not on the Sabbath day.
    Exodus 17 The people murmur for water; they are sent to the rock at Horeb; Amalek overcome; Moses builds an altar.
    Exodus 18 Jethro brings Moses’ family to him, and advises him; he departs.
    Exodus 19 The Israelites come to Sinai; the fearful presence of God upon the mount.
    Exodus 20 The 10 commandments; directions concerning the altar. Table
    Exodus 21 Various laws and ordinances.
    Exodus 22 Various laws and ordinances.
    Exodus 23 Various laws and ordinances.
    Exodus 24 Moses is called up into the mountain; Aaron and Hur have charge of the people.
    Exodus 25 The offerings for building the tabernacle; the form of the Ark. Image List
    Exodus 26 10 curtains of the tabernacle; 11 curtains of goats’ hair; the vail for the Ark; the hanging for the door. Image List
    Exodus 27 The altar of burnt offering; the court of the tabernacle; the oil for the lamp. Image List
    Exodus 28 Aaron and his sons separated for the priesthood; the ephod; the Urim andThummim; the plate of the miter. List
    Exodus 29 Consecration of priests; the continual burnt offering; God’s promise to dwell among Israel. List
    Exodus 30 The altar of incense; the ransom of souls; the brasen laver; the holy anointing oil; the perfume. Image List
    Exodus 31 Bezaleel and Aholiab are called for the work of the tabernacle; of the Sabbath; Moses receives 2 tables.
    Exodus 32 The golden calf; Moses breaks the tables; the idolaters slain; Moses prays for the people.
    Exodus 33 The Lord refuses to go with the people; he talks with Moses; Moses desires to see his glory.
    Exodus 34 The tables are renewed; the name of the LORD proclaimed; Moses’ face shines.
    Exodus 35 The Sabbath; the gifts for the tabernacle; Bezaleel and Aholiab are called. Image List
    Exodus 36 The offerings are delivered; the curtains; the covering; the vail.Image List
    Exodus 37 The Ark; the mercy seat with cherubims; the table; the candlestick; the altar of incense; the anointing oil and sweet incense. Image List
    Exodus 38 The altar of burnt offering; the brass laver; the court; the sum of offerings of the people. Image List
    Exodus 39 The cloths of service and holy garments; the ephod, breastplate, robe, cats, mitre, etc. List
    Exodus 40 The tabernacle reared and anointed; Aaron and his sons sanctified; a cloud covers the tabernacle. Image List

    Timeline of Moses’ life and the 10 plagues

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