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    Genesis 1 The creation of the universe. Table
    Genesis 2 The creation of man and his placement in the Garden of Eden.
    Genesis 3 The fall of man from paradise
    Genesis 4 Cain and Able; the generations of Cain; Adam begets Seth
    Genesis 5 The genealogy from Adam to Noah Chart
    Genesis 6 Noah builds the ark Diagram of the Ark
    Genesis 7 Noah enters the ark with his family; All flesh is destroyed by the Flood
    Genesis 8 The waters abate and Noah leaves the ark with his family
    Genesis 9 Ham mocks Noah; Noah curses Canaan and blesses Shem and Japheth
    Genesis 10 The generations of Noah Chart
    Genesis 11 The tower of Babel; the genealogy from Shem to Abram (Abraham) Chart
    Genesis 12 God promises to give the land of Canaan to Abram
    Genesis 13 Abram and Lot journey with their flocks; they separate Map
    Genesis 14 Lot is taken prisoner in the battle of 4 kings against 5; Abram rescues him
    Genesis 15 God renews his promises to Abram
    Genesis 16 Abram begets Ishmael by Hagar Sarai’s handmaid
    Genesis 17 God renews covenant with Abram; commands circumcision; Promises Isaac Abram becomes Abraham
    Genesis 18 Three Angels promise a son to Sarai; They reveal the destruction of Sodom
    Genesis 19 Two Angels warn Lot of the destruction of Sodom. He flees with his family. His wife is punished
    Genesis 20 Abraham denies his wife; Abimelech takes her; and restores her to Abraham at God’s word
    Genesis 21 Isaac is born; Hagar and Ishmael are cast out
    Genesis 22 Abraham commanded to offer Isaac, but is restrained; the generations of Nahor Chart
    Genesis 23 Sarah’s death and burial Map
    Genesis 24 Abraham’s servant fetches a wife for Isaac Map
    Genesis 25 Sons of Keturah; the generations of Ishmael; the birth of Esau and Jacob; Esau sells his birthright Chart
    Genesis 26 God renews his promises with Isaac
    Genesis 27 Jacob steals Esau’s blessing, and flees to Laban Map
    Genesis 28 Jacob’s journey to Laban Map
    Genesis 29 Jacob reaches his destination; works 14 years to marry Leah and Rachel; Leah bears sons
    Genesis 30 Jacob’s wives and their handmaids bear him children; He becomes rich at Laban’s expense
    Genesis 31 Jacob flees secretly; Rachel steals her father’s idol; Laban pursues Jacob; They make a covenant
    Genesis 32 Jacob journeys to Esau; he wrestles with an Angel; Jacob becomes Israel Map
    Genesis 33 Jacob and Esau reunited; Jacob builds an altar at Succoth Map
    Genesis 34 Dinah is defiled; Jacob’s sons take revenge against the Shechemites; Jacob reproves his sons
    Genesis 35 Jacob journeys to Bethel; he eliminates idols; Rachel dies in birth; Isaac’s death Map
    Genesis 36 The generations of Esau Chart
    Genesis 37 Joseph’s dreams; Joseph’s brothers sell him as a slave to the Ishmeelites, who sell him to Egypt
    Genesis 38 Genealogy of Judah
    Genesis 39 Joseph is falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife; Joseph is cast into prison
    Genesis 40 Joseph interprets the dreams of the butler and baker
    Genesis 41 Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s two dreams; the famine begins
    Genesis 42 Jacob sends his sons to Egypt to buy corn; Joseph imprisons them; and sends them back
    Genesis 43 Jacob’s sons return to Egypt with Benjamin; Joseph makes them a feast
    Genesis 44 Joseph seeks to retain Benjamin and send the others back
    Genesis 45 Joseph reveals himself to his brethren and comforts them; He sends for his father to come to Egypt
    Genesis 46 Jacob goes to Egypt; the number of his family; Joseph meets him Map
    Genesis 47 Pharaoh gives habitation to Jacob’s family; In the famine the Egyptians sell themselves for grain
    Genesis 48 Jacob blesses Joseph and his sons
    Genesis 49 Jacob pronounces blessings and curses upon his sons; he dies
    Genesis 50 The funeral of Jacob; Joseph prophesies of Israel’s return to Canaan; He dies and is embalmed

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