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  • The Journeys of the Patriarchs

    Note: all scripture references to places not marked on this map are within a 50-mile radius from the sister cities of Gerar, Hebron, and Shechem (Sichem)

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    Journeys of the Patriarchs of Genesis

    Terah takes Abram, Sarai, and Lot from Ur of the Chaldees to Haran Ge. 11:31. Abram leaves Haran with Sarai and Lot; They enter Canaan Ge. 12:4-5. They pass through Shechem to the plain of Moreh Ge. 12:6. Abram pitches on a mountain between Bethel on the west, and Hai on the east, and builds an altar Ge. 12:8. Abram goes south Ge. 12:9. Abram goes to Egypt during the Famine Ge. 12:10. They go into the south Ge. 13:1. Abram returns to the mount between Bethel and Hai Ge. 13:3-4. Lot goes into Jordan to Sodom; Abram dwells in Canaan Ge. 13:5-12. Abram dwells about 20 years in the plain of Mamre in Hebron, and builds an altar Ge. 13:18. Abraham goes south to Gerar between Kadesh and Shur Ge. 20:1. Abram sojourns among the Philistines many days Ge. 21:34. Hagar and Ishmael wander in the wilderness of Beersheba Ge. 21:14. Ishmael dwells in the wilderness of Paran Ge. 21:21. Abraham offers Isaac on a mountain in Moriah, near Jerusalem between Hebron and Shechem Ge. 22:2. Sarah dies in Kirjath-arba– Hebron in Canaan Ge. 23:2. Abraham buries Sarah in the cave in the field of Machpelah before Mamre in Hebron, in Canaan Ge. 23:3-20. Abraham’s servant goes to the city of Nahor in Mesopotamia to find a wife for Isaac(probably not too far from Haran) Ge. 24:10. Abraham is buried with Sarah Ge. 25:8-10. Isaac dwells in Gerar Ge. 26:1-16. Isaac goes to the valley of Gerar Ge. 26:17. Isaac re-digs his father’s wells Esek, Sitnah, and Rehoboth Ge. 26:18-22. Isaac goes to Beersheba Ge. 26:23. Jacob leaves Beersheba and goes toward Haran Ge. 28:10. Jacob stops in Bethel Ge. 28:16-22. Jacob arrives in Haran; he works 21 years for Laban Ge. 29:all. Jacob flees to mount Gilead Ge. 31:23 “Galeed” Ge. 31:47. Jacob meets angels in Mahanaim Ge. 32:2. Jacob passes over the ford Jabbok Ge. 32:22. Jacob wrestles at Peniel Ge. 32:24-30. Jacob goes to Succoth Ge. 33:17. Jacob goes to Shalem, a city in Shechem Ge. 33:18. Jacob goes to Bethel Ge. 35:6. Rachel is buried at Bethlehem on the way to Ephrath Ge. 35:19. Jacob goes to Mamre to see Isaac Ge. 35:27. Joseph’s brothers go to Shechem to feed their father’s sheep Ge. 37:12. Joseph seeks them in Shechem Ge. 37:12-14. Joseph finds them in Dothan Ge. 37:15-17. Joseph is taken to Egypt Ge. 37:28. Jacob and his family enter Egypt Ge. 42-46all. Israel dwells in Egypt for several generations in Goshen, Egypt.


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