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    John 1 The divinity and incarnation of יהושע
    John 2 יהושע turns water to wine; he purges the temple; he foretells his death and resurrection
    John 3 יהושע teaches Nicodemus; the baptism and witness of John
    John 4 יהושע reveals himself to the Samaritan; his zeal for God’s glory
    John 5 יהושע heals on the Sabbath, is persecuted, and justifies himself
    John 6 יהושע feeds 5000; he walks on the sea; he reproves the multitude
    John 7 יהושע goes secretly to the feast; he teaches in the temple
    John 8 The woman taken in adultery; יהושע the light of the world
    John 9 יהושע heals one blind
    John 10 יהושע proves by his works that he is the Christ
    John 11 Lazarus resurrected; Caiaphas prophecies; יהושע hides himself
    John 12 Mary anoints יהושע ;יהושע rides into Jerusalem; he foretells his death
    John 13 יהושע washes his disciples’s feet; he foretells his betrayal, and Peter’s denial
    John 14 יהושע comforts his disciples; the way, the truth, and the life
    John 15 The parable of the vine; the רוח הקודש
    John 16 יהושע warns the disciples about suffering; the Comforter; peace in יהושע
    John 17 יהושע prays to his Father to glorify him, to preserve his apostles and believers
    John 18 Judas betrays יהושע ;יהושע is taken
    John 19 יהושע is scourged, crowned with thorns, and beaten; he is delivered, crucified, and buried
    John 20 Mary Magdalene looks for יהושע at the sepulcher and sees two angels; יהושע appears to her and to his disciples
    John 21 יהושע appears to his disciples; he eats with them; he charges Peter and foretells his death

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