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    Luke 1 Conception of John, and of יהושע; Zacharias’s prophecy
    Luke 2 Roman tax; יהושע’s nativity and circumcision; he questions the doctors
    Luke 3 John preaches; he baptizes יהושע; יהושע’s genealogy
    Luke 4 יהושע fasts, is tempted, and overcomes; he begins to preach, and to heal
    Luke 5 Miracle of fish; leper cleansed; palsy healed; Levi called
    Luke 6 יהושע’s disciples pluck corn on the Sabbath; he calls twelve
    Luke 7 The centurion’s faith; the widow’s son; יהושע’s testimony of John
    Luke 8 Women minister to יהושע; the sower; the candle; the legion of devils; the bloody issue
    Luke 9 יהושע sends his apostles; he feeds 5000; he is transfigured
    Luke 10 יהושע sends 70 disciples; woes against Chorazin, Bethsaida, Capernaum; Mary commended
    Luke 11 יהושע teaches to pray; he preaches, and reproves the pharisees
    Luke 12 Avoid hypocrisy and covetousness; the faithful steward
    Luke 13 יהושע preaches repentance; the fig tree; the crooked woman; the mustard seed
    Luke 14 יהושע heals on the Sabbath; he teaches; the great supper
    Luke 15 Parables: the lost sheep; the piece of silver; the prodigal son
    Luke 16 The unjust steward; יהושע reproves the pharisees; the rich man and Lazarus
    Luke 17 Avoid offense; forgive; the power of faith; the kingdom of God
    Luke 18 The importunate widow; the pharisee and the publican; leave all for the gospel
    Luke 19 Zacchaeus; the ten pieces of money; יהושע rides into Jerusalem
    Luke 20 יהושע silences the naysayers; parable of the vineyard
    Luke 21 יהושע commends the poor widow; he foretells the destruction of the temple
    Luke 22 Conspiracy against יהושע; he eats the passover; his agony in the garden
    Luke 23 יהושע is accused, mocked, delivered, and crucified
    Luke 24 יהושע resurrected, ascends

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