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    Mark 1 יהושע is baptized, is tempted, preaches, and heals many
    Mark 2 יהושע cures the palsy; he calls Matthew
    Mark 3 יהושע heals the withered hand; he calls twelve
    Mark 4 The sower; the seed growing secretly; the mustard seed
    Mark 5 The legion of devils; Jairus’s daughter; the bloody issue
    Mark 6 יהושע condemned; John beheaded
    Mark 7 יהושע reproaches the pharisees and scribes; he heals one with an unclean spirit, and one deaf
    Mark 8 יהושע feeds many, and heals many
    Mark 9 יהושע transfigured; concerning Elias; יהושע’s passion foretold
    Mark 10 Of divorce; danger of riches; he heals one blind
    Mark 11 יהושע rides into Jerusalem; he curses a fig tree; he silences the priests
    Mark 12 The wicked husbandmen; tribute to Caeser
    Mark 13 יהושע foretells the destruction of the temple; persecutions for the gospel
    Mark 14 Conspiracy against יהושע; his anointing; he eats the passover; Peter denies him
    Mark 15 יהושע is crucified and buried
    Mark 16 יהושע is resurrected and ascends

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