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    Matthew 1 Genealogy of יהושע
    Matthew 2 Wise men enquire; Joseph flees; Herod slays the children; יהושע brought out of Egypt
    Matthew 3 John preaches; he baptizes יהושע
    Matthew 4 יהושע fasts, is tempted, and overcomes; he begins to preach
    Matthew 5 The sermon on the mount
    Matthew 6 The sermon on the mount, continued
    Matthew 7 The sermon on the mount, concluded
    Matthew 8 יהושע heals many; he stills the tempest
    Matthew 9 יהושע heals the palsy; he eats with publicans and sinners
    Matthew 10 יהושע sends his apostles to preach and perform miracles
    Matthew 11 John sends is disciples to יהושע
    Matthew 12 יהושע reproves the pharisees concerning the Sabbath
    Matthew 13 Seven parables of יהושע
    Matthew 14 John the baptist beheaded
    Matthew 15 יהוה’s commandments vs. man’s traditions
    Matthew 16 The pharisees require a sign; beware their leaven
    Matthew 17 Transfiguration of יהושע; he heals the lunatic; he pays tribute
    Matthew 18 יהושע teaches to be humble
    Matthew 19 יהושע heals the sick; about divorce; about eternal life
    Matthew 20 The laborers in the vineyard; יהושע’s passion
    Matthew 21 יהושע rides an ass into Jerusalem; he drives commerce from the temple
    Matthew 22 Marriage of the king’s son; tribute to Caesar
    Matthew 23 Scribes and pharisees’s good doctrine, but evil example
    Matthew 24 יהושע foretells the destruction of the temple
    Matthew 25 The ten virgins; the talents; the last judgment
    Matthew 26 Conspiracy against יהושע ;יהושע eats the passover
    Matthew 27 יהושע delivered, mocked, crucified, reviled; Judas hangs himself
    Matthew 28 יהושע resurrected, appears to women and his disciples

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