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    Numbers 1 Men of war numbered; the Levites exempted Table
    Numbers 2 The order of the tribes in their tents Table Diagram
    Numbers 3 The Levites’ service; the firstborn freed by the Levites; The overplus redeemed Table
    Numbers 4 Service of the Levites and priests; numbers of Kohathites, Gershonites, and Merarites
    Numbers 5 Unclean to be removed; restitution enjoined; hallowed things for the priests; the trial of jealousy
    Numbers 6 Law of the Nazarite; the form of blessing the people Table
    Numbers 7 Princes’ offerings; God speaks to Moses from the mercy seat Princes’ Offerings Table
    Numbers 8 Lighting the lamps; consecrating the Levites; the age and time of their service
    Numbers 9 Passover enjoined; a second passover allowed; a cloud guides the Israelites
    Numbers 10 The use of the silver trumpets; The Israelites go from Sinai to Paran; Moses’ blessing
    Numbers 11 Manna loathed; 70 elders appointed; quails are given
    Numbers 12 Miriam’s and Aaron’s sedition; her leprosy; Moses prays for her; she is shut out 7 days
    Numbers 13 The men who searched the land; their instructions, acts, and relation Table
    Numbers 14 The people murmur at the spies’ report; God threatens them; Moses intercedes, and obtains pardon
    Numbers 15 The law of sundry offerings; the sabbath-breaker stoned; the Law of fringes Table
    Numbers 16 The rebellion of Korah; the earth cleaves asunder; Aaron stays the plague which kills 14,700
    Numbers 17 Aaron’s rod only flourishes; it is laid up for a memorial against the rebels
    Numbers 18 The charge of the priests and Levites; their portions; of the heave offering
    Numbers 19 The weater of separation; the use of it for purification of uncleanness
    Numbers 20 Death of Miriam; Moses, smiting the rock, brings forth water; Aaron’s death, and succession by Eleazar
    Numbers 21 The people murmuring are plagues with fiery serpents; but healed by a brazen serpent
    Numbers 22 Balak sends for Balaam; Balaam’s ass saves him from being slain by an angel
    Numbers 23 Balak’s sacrifices; Balaam’s parables
    Numbers 24 Balaam foretells Israel’s happiness; he prophesies of a star out of Jacob
    Numbers 25 The Israelites’ whoredom and idolatry with Moab; 24,000 killed by a plague; Zimri and Cozbi slain
    Numbers 26 Israel numbered; the inheritance of the land divided; of Caleb and Joshua Table
    Numbers 27 The daughters of Zelophehad sue for an inheritance; the law of inheritance; Moses sues for a successor; Joshua is appointed
    Numbers 28 Various offerings; the sabbath, new moons, and passover
    Numbers 29 Offerings at the feast of trumpets; at the day of atonement; at the feast of tabernacles
    Numbers 30 Vows of a maid; a widow; a divorced woman
    Numbers 31 The Midianites spoiled by 12,000 men; Balaam slain; Moses’ anger for sparing the women Offerings
    Numbers 32 The Reubenites and Gadites sue for their inheritance Table
    Numbers 33 42 journeys of Israel; the Canaanites are to be destroyed Map Table
    Numbers 34 The borders of Canaan; the men which will divide the land Map
    Numbers 35 48 cities given to the Levites; 6 cities of refuge; the laws concerning murder
    Numbers 36 Of the inheritance of daughters; of marrying in their own tribes

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