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  • Numbers Of Israel, Numbers of Levi

    Numbers of Israel

    Numbers 1, 2, 7, 26

    Rank Tribe Princes at Exodus At Exodus At Canaan Princes at Canaan Principal Families
    1st Judah Nahshon ben-Amminadab 74,600 76,500 Caleb ben-Jephunneh Shelah, Pharez, Zerah
    2nd Issachar Nethaneel ben-Zuar 54,400 64,300 Paltiel ben-Azzan Tola, Pua, Jashub, Shimron
    3rd Zebulun Eliab ben-Helon 57,400 60,500 Elizaphan ben-Parnech Sered, Elom, Jahleel
    4th Reuben Elizur ben-Shedeur 46,500 43,730 Settled before Jordan Hanoch, Pallu, Hezron, Carmi
    5th Simeon Shelumiel ben-Zurishaddai 59,300 22,200 Shemuel ben-Ammihud Nemuel, Jamin, Jachin, Zerah, Shaul
    6th Gad Eliasaph ben-Deuel 45,650 40,500 Settled before Jordan Zephon, Haggi, Shuni, Ozni, Eri, Arod, Areli
    7th Ephraim Elishama ben-Ammihud 40,500 32,500 Kemuel ben-Shiphtan Shuthelah, Becher, Tahan, (Eran ben-Shuthelah)
    8th Manasseh Gamaliel ben-Pedahzur 32,200 52,700 Hanniel ben-Ephod Machir
    9th Benjamin Abidan ben-Gideoni 35,400 45,600 Elidad ben-Chislom Bela, Ashbel, Ahiram, Shupham, Hupham
    10th Dan Ahiezer ben-Ammishaddai 62,700 64,400 Bukki ben-Jogli Shuham
    11th Asher Pagiel ben-Ocran 41,500 53,400 Ahihud ben-Shelomi Jimna, Jesui, Beriah, Sarah(f), (Heber and Malchiel ben-Beriah)
    12th Naphtali Ahira ben-Enan 53,400 45,400 Pedahel ben-Ammihud Jahzeel, Guni, Jezer, Malchiel
    Totals: 603,550 601,730 22,273 firstborn of Israel at the Exodus, Nu. 3:43

    The ranks of the tribes determined in what order they camped, in what order they travelled, and on what day they made offerings for the dedication and anointing of the altar. Nu. ch.2, 3:1-39, ch.7, 10:14-28

    The princes at the exodus were all the heads of families who were numbered at the exodus. Nu. 1:5-16

    The princes at Canaan were the men who inherited the land and distributed it among their tribes. Nu. 34:13-29

    Characteristic verses (multiplied by 12): “And the children of [insert tribe], Israel’s eldest son, by their generations, after their families, by the house of their fathers, according to the number of the names, by their polls, every male from twenty years old and upward, all that were able to go forth to war; Those that were numbered of them, even of the tribe of [insert tribe], were [insert number].” Nu. 1:20-46; see also Nu. 26:1-51

    Numbers of Levi

    Nu. 1:47-54, 3:1-39, 4:34-45

    Tribe Princes 1 Month and up Between 30 and 50 Position Relative to the Tabernacle Charge Principal Families
    Gershom Eliasaph ben-Lael 7,500 2,630 West The tabernacle, tent, covering, door hanging, court hangings, curtain for the door of the court, and the cords of it. Libni, Shimei
    Kohath Elizaphan ben-Uzziel 8,600 2,750 South The ark, table of shewbread, candlestick, altars, vessels, and the hanging of the sanctuary. Amram, Izehar, Hebron, Uzziel
    Merari Zuriel ben-Abihail 6,200 3,200 North The boards of the tabernacle, the bars, pillars, sockets, pillars of the court, sockets, pins, and cords. Mahli, Mushi
    Totals: 22,000 8,580 23000 1 month and up at Canaan

    Levi was numbered not for war, but for the service of the sanctuary.

    The numbers from 1 month old and above, and between 30 and 50, are at the exodus.

    Between age 30 and age 50 was the time of a Levite’s service to the tabernacle. After 50, they were to retire from sanctuary service and minister to their brethren. Nu. 8:24-26

    The charge of the families of Levi includes the parts of the tabernacle to be serviced by each family; the same parts are carried by the same families during journeys. However, Aaron and his sons must cover the most holy things before Kohath can carry them, Nu. 4:1-33

    Eleazar the son of Aaron was made chief over the chief of the Levites, the prince of the Levites, Nu. 3:32. He was given charge of the oil for light, the incense, daily meat offering, anointing oil, and oversight of the tabernacle, Nu. 4:16

    Ithamar the son of Aaron was given charge of the service of Gershom and Merari, Nu. 4:28,33

    Chronology of the Book of Numbers

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